Transcript and video of Jakob’s moving speech at the MUN

Manuscript MUN speech
The original manuscript of the MUN speech.

It was time to close the three day lasting MUN event. For this reason hundreds of delegates gathered in the new auditorium of our partner school waiting for the final MUN ceremony. Kathak dancers, Yoga students and real diplomats  were announced to be part of the well balanced program. 

And in the midst of all one German students was anxious to be called on stage to share his thoughts about the whole event.

Jakob MUN Speech
Jakob during his MUN speech

Jakob Schweiger, a participant of our exchange project volunteered for holding a speech and you can imagine how frightening an international audience full of diplomatic experts can be for a 15 year old student.

But his voice didn’t shake when he startet his speech and when he won the hearts of all by calling India “a second home”.Read the transcript of his words and drop a comment to congratulate our young diplomat for mastering his difficult task so well.

Jakob’s speech

(Check against delivery)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,
during the last days at this school something special has happened. All the pupils are wearing suits, there are flags of different countries everywhere and pupils have been behaving like politicians.
I have the chance to take part in the UNFCCC committee. It was an interesting and enriching experience. Together we schemed plans for how to reduce CO2 emissions and debated about the Paris Agreement.
It’s important to talk about these things in school, to teach the youth how to deal with them because the most important question of our days is: “How can we save our planet?”

But of course MUN wasn’t the only interesting thing we did in India. Of course India is totally different from Germany. Traffic, food and school are only a few things to name here. But this is exactly what is so important about this school trip. It’s about getting to know another culture, another way to live.
Looking back we can say we didn’t come here for holidays, we can say we actually lived here.
And whenever I will come back to India, I will visit my second home.
Knowing that, I wanna say thank you to the LVIS and of course to my own school, JTG Straubing, for making this exchange happen every year.

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