My life in Germany – Smahi remembers

My room in Germany

I was really happy when I saw my room, it’s so green, so I feel fresh. It’s in the basement so it’s very cold. It’s small and comfortable. I feel really comfortable and good. The family has also arranged cupboards for me, so I have arranged all my clothes in it. Every day Hannah’s mother arranges chocolates near my bed because she knows I love them.

Introducing my German host family

The Bullings are a really welcoming and nice host.

Bavarian pretzels
Bavarian pretzels – not only perfect for breakfast

The very first day they arranged Indian food for me which they made at home. It felt like home. Mother is really nice and sweet to me, and takes care of me like my own mom. Father is a really good cook. Hannah’s brother is really sweet and helpful. The family enjoys playing evening games which is really rare in India. They try to make me comfortable. I am really happy to be a part of the family now and I’m lucky to have a sweet and kind partner like Hannah. She is really nice and we’re similar in many ways. Hannah always has a smiling face and tries to help me out. I’m looking forward to see her soon in India and try to take care of her in the best way possible.

My breakfast

for breakfast I drink orange juice and eat a toast. Sometimes mother makes hot chocolate for me. It’s delicious. I also eat fruits, donuts and pretzels. I really like the Bavarian pretzels, they are so delicious!!

Parents’ feedback – Aditi’s mother looks back at the exchange with Germany

I still remember the day Aditi asked me for her allowing her to go to a German exchange with pleading eyes.

Best friends
Best friends: Erla and Aditi

It was her dream from the day she took German as her third language. She knew it’s her 10th and mid term after the vacations will be really hard, and I could say a “no” but with a big heart I allowed her because I knew, no marks or academic achievement can ever give her this opportunity of going on a cultural programme, living with a totally different family and being a part of their daily routine.

In her childhood, my Aditi used to be very shy and introvert. The same Aditi asking to go on an exchange programme was a big thing, and needed a positive nod. Being a mom of three kids, i had to plan a vacation with the other two as well, so they destination Greece was finalised. Continue reading “Parents’ feedback – Aditi’s mother looks back at the exchange with Germany”

Fake News: Exchange students taken into custody

Straubing: Ten Indian students and their German partners were taken into custody during their annually student exchange.

At the late afternoon, the teenagers who stayed during the day at the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium, were on field trips with their host families, or went shopping at the city centre gathered in front of the police building at Theresienplatz, Straubing.

The alert police officers, one of them being a “host dad” himself, couldn’t act otherwise and had to take the interested looking students into custody. The officers also showed them the building of the police station and tried to explain the work of the Bavarian police.

During the extensive questioning of the teenagers it was also necessary to involve part of the K9 unit. Due to the high rate of interest, the unprecedented behaviour and the huge amount of fun the 20 students were sentenced to jail and were locked into one of the prison cells for a short moment. They all were released into freedom after everybody has taken their selfies.

Finally the German host parents picked up all the exchange students and took them “home”.

We want to thank Mr Buchs who made this field trip to the police station possible. Thank you for providing that unique insight in the work of the German police. 

Parents’ feedback – Lakshya’s mother recapitalises the exchange

The opportunity to experience another culture firsthand, by living with a native family is a chance of a lifetime.
Good things and positive experiences don’t always come easy. I thanks my school Lotus Valley and their team for giving this chance to my son and will treasure forever.
This exchange program has impacted on his future in many ways like lifelong friendship, career goals, and personal goals.

Manisha Bhatia
(Mother of Lakshya Bhatia , class 10th vivevekanand )

Parents’ feedback – Uday’s parents write about the exchange

Strawberry fields
Uday and Thomas plucking strawberries together

The experience has been truly very inspiring and full of lifetime memories for him. The excitement of going with friends to an unknown country was itself so exciting for him as well as us!! Thanks to technology – Thomas ( his German partner ) and Uday chatted regularly before the trip so a certain comfort zone had set in. I was also in touch with Christine ( Thomas”s mom ) who was sweet and welcomed Uday with open arms.

Uday has made so many friends and learnt about the German way of life too ! From becoming independent and understanding self and growing in confidence to understanding responsiblity not only for studies but in other spheres too – we see tremendous changes in Uday after the trip.

The host family also took great care, both Thomas and Uday have become very good friends. We now look forward to having them over and reciprocate to their hospitality !!

With Regards

Mona and Jai Bansal
Parents of Uday Bansal
class 10, Vivekanand

KJF publishes an article about the exchange project

During their stay in Straubing the Indian students visited the “KJF Werkstaetten”. This company employees many handicapped people for high quality work. Car manufactures, or engineering enterprises outsource many jobs to KJF not only because they are morally obliged but because of the highly professionally work that is done there. 

The Indian students were really astonished to see the handicapped man and woman working at computer assisted machines, putting together parts for AC systems or digitizing documents. 

“KJF Werkstaetten” has now published a small article (in German language but with a nice picture) on their homepage, mentioning the visit of the Indian students and describing our exchange project.

The visit to KJF is not the first time that our exchange students wcooperate with handicapped people. Last year we also had a Basketball match with the students of St. Wolfgang, a school for mentally handicapped.