German Newspaper publishes an article about LVISMUN

The LVIS MUN was an astonish event and our German participants are still glad that they took the chance to be a part of this fabulous simulation.

German MUN participants
Newspaper article featuring the German MUN participants (5/11/2017)

The Straubinger Tagblatt, a local newspaper of our hometown Straubing, recently published an article describing the MUN and featuring the German participants. The picture shows the eleven German MUN students after they received their MUN certificates from the principal of the school.


JTG school yearbook mentions our exchange project

In the southern part of Germany (Bavaria) school year ends this week. At this occasion all students and teachers are presented a school yearbook in which they not only can find pictures of each class; every department writes about its activity during the school year, too.

Being a kind of highlight of the year the German-Indian exchange project fills some pages as well as shown in the following pictures.


You can read the full article text (only in German) here.

New article about our exchange has been published

Die inklusive interkulturelle Basketballmannschaft
Screenshot of the homepage article.

On day four of our exchange all the Indian and German students played Basketball with students of St. Wolfgang school (school for students with special needs). This school has now published an article (only in German) on its website describing this match .

In the article they mention all the school names, the teachers and thank all participates for the great afternoon at Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium.