October 29th

Trip to the clothing factory. The students explore the different kind of fabric.

Today was Monday, meaning first day of Indian school for the German students. After reaching school with their host students, they assembled and met the principal of our school, Dr. Ruchi Seth. After a meeting, they went on a school tour, and saw our magnificent school in its glory.

After the school tour, the German group had a Hindi lesson, where they learnt a few Hindi phases, enough to get them comfortably through the trip, and of course to greet host families in the Indian language.

After the Hindi lesson, the German students were presented by a presentation on the Indian economy, made by students who were part of the German exchange in the previous years. (Here you can watch a Video in which they welcome the students in German and Englisch). After the presentation, the German students and the available Indian students travelled to Paragon Apparels factory in a school bus.

A German student creating a piece of Warli art.

After returning from the factory, the students attended an Art lesson, where they learnt Warli art. Warli art is a form of Tribal art, which incorporates only basic geometric figures. The lesson was enjoyed by all and all made a Warli painting each.

After the Art lesson, the students went home with their host families, having learnt new things and having new knowledge, and experiencing a brand new culture.

written by Utkarsh Arora

Day 3 – The Tower of Straubing

Today at the third day we finally went to Johannes Turmair Gymnasium. And there we were warmly welcomed by the Principal.

Karmeliten church
We also got to see some churches. This one has a crypt in its basement.

And were give a school ? tour by sir Wolfgang. After the school tour we attended some classes with our partners. Then we went for sight seeing, where we saw the tower and even were able to see a tremendous view of Straubing from the tower.

After the sight seeing, some students planned up to meet at Daniel’s place. We all played football ⚽ and got to know each other better and it ended with a delicious dinner served by Daniel’s family.

Written by Dhruva

Day 3 – Religious education at its finest

Ganesha - Der Beseitiger der Hindernisse
Ganesha – One of the most known Indian Gods. Even the Germany know his name.

This year’s topic is “Different countries – different sports”. But there are much more differences between Germany and India. The German students of class seven asked sponaniously one of the teachers of Lotus Valley International School to teach them about the gods and godesses of Hinduism. Mrs Radhika Babbar was happy to explain the children the concept of that religion and the delighted students of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium immedately wrote an article about that interesting lesson.

You can read that short article (unfortunately only in German) on the Homepage of the German partner school. 


Day 3 – The element of life

A Skyline to remember

When you imagine the skyline of a city the towers are always the most outstanding structures. So it isn’t a suprise that the towers of many churches and the famous city tower of Straubing characterize the skyline of our city as well. But one of these large building is special. One of them is nearly completely hollow and empty, only the larger top part of the structure is filled with an enormous steel water tank. It is the 63m tall water tower of Straubing, which was built in 1922.

Stairs And Stairs Again

The Indian students hesitated a little, when they saw the many steps they have to climb to reach the upper part of the so called “Wasserturm”. Slowly, step by step they managed the 5 levels and finally reached a room, which was stuffed with pipes, levers and weels to regulate the water flow. Theo room’s ceiling was also the bottom of a 900 m³ large water tank which was filled with drinking water of best quality. A small spiral staircase in the middle of the tank was the only connection to the top of the tank. But because of safety reasons the group was not allowed to enter that staircase.

What a view

The students looked at each other, unsure what to do now. Suddenly one of our guides opened a hidden trap door and our Indian guests climbed a steep ladder up to a wooden walkway around the tank’s outer hull. What a view! Big windows allowed a spectecular sight. You could see the hills of the Bavarian Forest, the Danube, the City Center and many more places of interest.

Nobody had to tell the students to click photos. Armed with their cell phones they circuited the tank shot hundreds of selfies and pictures of Straubing.

Climbing down the ladder and the stairs again was an adventure itsself. But finally all the participants of the exchange stood at ground level again. Ready to move on and to visit the places they saw minutes ago.

Thank you

We want to thank the great people of Stadtwerke Straubing who gave consent to that field trip. Thank you for showing us this astonishing monument and for guiding us up and down the watertower!

Day 3 – Different point of view


Our day three in Germany started in a quite interesting way when we visited Johannes-Turmair for the first time, it was a rather new experience, seeing how the school works. Since my partner is sick Paula was generous enough to take me in and I´m grateful to her for this. We had a lot of fun with her and a great time when we visited the city. The view from the water tower was AMAZING and the churches are the most mesmorising and peaceful places I´ve seen!


My day three went really well. We visited the Johannes-Turmair for the first time and were welcomed by the principal. We attended some classes. Then we went to water tower, which had a great view. Then we just explored the city and visited few churches. In evening we went to city center and had dinner there. At night Muskan and Sophie come to have a night stay.


Heute sind wir zu dritt (Shagun, Gurnoor und ich) mit dem Bus zur Schule, was wahrscheinlich für die Erstklässler an meiner Haltestelle mehr aufregend war, als für die Inder selbst. Nach der ersten Stunde durften sie mit uns in den Unterricht. Zuerst hatten wir Musik, und ich glaube, die Musik zum Zauberlehrling werden sie nicht mehr so schnell vergessen, weil wir sie in Endlosschleife anhörten 🙂

Auch kamen sie in den Genuss einer Mathe- und einer Deutschstunde. Nach der Schule sind wir mit Sophie und Muskan in die Stadt und erst einmal zu
Rewe, um Erdbeeren zu kaufen.

Indians in a German car
Indians love the German cars 😉

Zu Abend haben Shagun, Gurnoor und Muskan dann zusammen mit ein paar Freunden beim Burgerwirt gegessen, während Sophie und ich eine kleine Pause machten. Zu Hause angekommen gings gleich weiter mit einer Runde Badminton im Garten. Und dann sind auch schon wieder Muskan und Sophie gekommen, um bei mir zu übernachten. Ich denke es wird eine lange, aber auch schöne Nacht werden.