Meet the Germans – a video analysis

The German students are still preparing themselves for the arrival of their Indian guests. Because of this weekly intercultural training they are now aware of small culturall differences that can result in big misunderstandings and can also lead to a so called culture shock.

But what are these differences? What is typical for Germany and how do Germans handle things diffent?

The students combed the internet for a collection of dos and don’ts in Germany.

The following videos are just a small example of the huge amount of Videos you can find on youtube. Dozens of travellers and exchange students talk about their impressions of Germany and about the small things in average life they fount quite different to their own culture. 

Please leave a comment, if you know another good clip about German issues that give you the culture shock!

And here are two more links to some more great videos:

Rewboss, a British, who lives in Germany for years tells us some things he would miss if he had to leave Germany: Ten things about Germany

SamWaltonMan is taking part in an one year exchange in Germany. In his videos about Germany he talks about the cultural differences that you should be aware of when coming to Germany: Life in Germany – Ep. 54: Cultural differences