Day 8 and 9 – A great weekend full of activities

I am Aditi Chotra.
This weekend was the best weekend I’ve ever had.

It was sooooo great.? On saturday we started our day with a great boom, the medieval reenactment. Wow! It just wooed my mind, and also gave me Some Indian Vibes.?like the smell of yummy food which was sold there. But the best was the way Mr Poschl described us the clothes of the medieval times. It was simply great, and the story was worth listening too! He told us how teenagers of that time revolted for clothes(just like we now?) but it was great. He is such a great person!? We saw the medieval times dance (looked pretty easy?) but no! It was great!!! I just loved the songs and dances. It was like an Indian village fair.

Then we ate crepes and started for the mountains for climbing activities, as soon as we reached there, the weather did not had luck with us. It was sad that we couldn’t go up, but there was another new experience waiting for me…. I saw for the first time in my life. I could literally see the clouds shifting towards us with great rain!?

It happens in India too but I never got a chance to see that. Yes, we got a bit drenched, but I could literally see and feel the clouds shifting towards us.?

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Day 10 – An exhilarating weekend!!

Exchange Students
Happy exchange students

This Sunday was the most enjoyable moment of the German exchange. On this Sunday for lunch me and my partner had lunch at a lovely restaurant called smoke house deli where we had lip smacking food and mocktails and had delicious ice cream. Afterwards we met the others at Delhi haat where we spent the evening buying exquisite Indian handicrafts!!!

Though the day was a bit exhausting but it was worth the time………?

By: Esha Gahlot