Day 4 – Potluck dinner with the parents

Way to invite the parents

If you think the teachers are the most important people, you are wrong. The students aren’t either. But the parents of our guests and our hosts are the MVPs the Most Valuable Players in this exchange program.

Parent meeting
Some of the parents have already arrived

They give consent to the that exchange, pay for the tickets, open their house for a foreigner and help whenever they can during the 14 day long stay in India and Germany.


That’s why today we had a potluck dinner together with the parents where we not only performed some dances to thank them, but to eat some really exquisite Indian food, which – why should it be different today – the parents themselves prepared for that very occasion.

The official program
Mr Poeschl during his speech
Mr Poeschl during his welcome speech

The potluck startet with very warm welcoming words from the Indian coordinator Ms Radhika Babbar and the second Indian teacher Ms Ritu Shahar followed by the German coordinator Mr Wolfgang Poeschl and his colleague  Ms Christina Wiedemann.

In a short movie clip the parents got a short summary about the trips that had been done during the stay in Germany. A dance performed by students of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium (Niederbayerischer Ländler) and another one by the Indian participants concluded this official part.

Enough of the speeches – let the food lighten up the mood


parents at the buffet
Parents at the buffet

Now it was time to enjoy the excellent Indian food the parents had prepared and which the German students already had taken into their hearts.




Days 4 – Bayern meets Bollywood

For four days the German and Indian exchange students went to school together, had the opportunity to play Basketball as a whole group or visited the same classes at the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium. They know each other quite well now. But what about the parents? For sure, they got to know “their” Indian guest. But is he different compared to the others? What adventures could the other host parents tell? Therefore we created a special event to show the parents, what the students do during the project and to create a time and a place where families can meet and chat: The Bavarian Evening!

All the teachers and students and even most of the parents were dressed in the traditional costumes. The entrance of the school was decorated in the colours of the Bavarian flag and dozends of plates and bowls with traditional fresh food was ready to be eaten. Even some studentes that took part in the exchange last year arrived, happy to be part of the exchange family.

The principal of the school Mrs Andrea Kammerer welcomed everybody officially, especially the guests from Lotus Valley International School. This greeting was continued by short speaches of the German and Indian teachers. After a short break (Finaly Food!) the fun part started and all the exchange students performed some dances for the parents. Traditional life musik played by a young Bavarian artist completed the scene.

But the parents had to fullfill their task, too. Invited by the teacher Mr Wolfgang Pöschl they danced a waltz and a “Zwiefacher” (traditional dance) and showed their children how to live the rhythm.

What can I tell you more? The students would just say it was fun! They even got some presents from local companies and most of the boys and girls seized the evening to take some great pictures with their host families.