Cycling through nature

After a trip to Passau, my partner, Paula, asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride. So we tightened our helmets and were ready to go. After we cycled for a bit, the buildings and houses started to vanish with the open farms and mountains replacing them.

Going on
Cycling in Bavaria

When I looked up in the sky I thought that the big white and black clouds would just pour showers on us. The sound of the river and the chirping of the birds calmed both of us while we rode. I felt that I was not tired anymore. The scenic beauty of Straubing is so appealing and exquisite. 

Written by Ritanshi Arora

A Home Away From Home

I am Samanvi J. and am hosted by the Stoffels. I am currently in Straubing, Germany I never expected the German exchange to be such an amazing experience.

All over Europe, the beauty of the nature and the culture is maintained. Development goes hand in hand with the maintainance of culture and tradition. I was a little apprehensive about living with complete strangers for two whole weeks but to my surprise, the Stoffels were very kind and treated me as their own family member. 

My partner’s parents treat me as their own daughter and give me love and take care of me . On the other hand, Johannes Turmair Gymnasium is fantastic. The school has a beautiful campus and provides students with knowledge and exposure. After tasting Bavarian food and witnessing their dance, language and many more things , I feel that the exquisite Bavarian culture has become part of me.
Samanvi J.

My life in Germany – Smahi remembers

My room in Germany

I was really happy when I saw my room, it’s so green, so I feel fresh. It’s in the basement so it’s very cold. It’s small and comfortable. I feel really comfortable and good. The family has also arranged cupboards for me, so I have arranged all my clothes in it. Every day Hannah’s mother arranges chocolates near my bed because she knows I love them.

Introducing my German host family

The Bullings are a really welcoming and nice host.

Bavarian pretzels
Bavarian pretzels – not only perfect for breakfast

The very first day they arranged Indian food for me which they made at home. It felt like home. Mother is really nice and sweet to me, and takes care of me like my own mom. Father is a really good cook. Hannah’s brother is really sweet and helpful. The family enjoys playing evening games which is really rare in India. They try to make me comfortable. I am really happy to be a part of the family now and I’m lucky to have a sweet and kind partner like Hannah. She is really nice and we’re similar in many ways. Hannah always has a smiling face and tries to help me out. I’m looking forward to see her soon in India and try to take care of her in the best way possible.

My breakfast

for breakfast I drink orange juice and eat a toast. Sometimes mother makes hot chocolate for me. It’s delicious. I also eat fruits, donuts and pretzels. I really like the Bavarian pretzels, they are so delicious!!

Day 1 – Butterflies in our stomach

Me and my new friends going for a walk.

Hello, I am Aditi. Discovery consists of not seeking new lands, but new eyes.? I was so excited to come here and finally the time has come.? After the comfortable flight, it was great to meet wolfgang sir. He is very sweet.?

And gradually when the time came close to meet our home families, we became very very nervous. We were sooo confident till the time we landed, and suddenly so many butterflies came in our stomach.? We met our families. The fritch family is really great.? Treated us so well.

Georg's sister
Me and Georg’s sister.

And we interacted together laughed together.? Georg, Georg’s sister, utkarsh and I went for a walk and spent quality time together. It was pretty nice. We also went to this ceremony festival. The day went good, and finally dozing of to beds with happy faces.?

-Aditi Chotra

Days 1 and 2 – Bhavya’s short summary

{<[The German Exchange}>]

The Exchange is a great opportunity for one to learn new things..It helps us to get to know about another country’s culture,tradition,people,language etc.I too got one such privileged experience to go to the German Exchange .
I was very excited and here is a bit about how I spent my first three days in DEUTSCHLAND..????
Am Ersten Tag
On the first day when we arrived at Munich Airport,we met Mr Poeschl and together we went in a bus to Straubing  to meet our partners.After that after one and a half hour we got down from the bus?? and were awestruck on seeing such welcoming and nice hosts..??
All students had huge posters and placards displaying our names and messages for us.That was great!!!Then I met my amazing partner Stephan and his family..??They were really welcoming and the good was yet to come !!!!?
From there we went to his Grandma’s house and met her..We took a vintage car that was nearly 50 yrs old ! and then we went in that car to our House in Haibach.There I ate Pretzel(Staple food of Germany) and as I was very tired I went to Bed….??????
Am Zweiten Tag
The second day was an interesting one!!We got up at seven and ate breakfast – Cake ..??After that we went to a Church and prayed for our well being and a great German exchange experience…??
Then we I went to see the football match at Allianz Arena⚽⚽  btw. Bochum City V/s. Bayern Münich 1860⚽⚽ ….The heated match had a lot of fans who were chearing for their teams and we saw a great match which was followed by Bochum City as emerging victorious after a great game…..I enjoyed it!!,???
Then we came back home to get ready for the the BIG DAY tomorrow ∼ The School Day??????? …