Day 2 – Match Day

We had gone to watch a football match on Sunday. We went as a whole group- Germans and Indians together. We went to the Allianz Arena. Man it was huge stadium. It can fit so many people in it, around 70,000 or so!

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric. The people of Germany live and breathe football. The fans kept on shouting and chanting and jumping up and down, they never even got tired. Due to the football half of us couldn’t even concentrate on the match. We just kept on looking at them.

After the match got over it started to rain. The home team had lost and everyone was gloomy. The rain seemed fitting. We went to the stadium and came back in a bus. The german village and fields are so amazing and beautiful! I wish I could live here.


Days 1 and 2 – Bhavya’s short summary

{<[The German Exchange}>]

The Exchange is a great opportunity for one to learn new things..It helps us to get to know about another country’s culture,tradition,people,language etc.I too got one such privileged experience to go to the German Exchange .
I was very excited and here is a bit about how I spent my first three days in DEUTSCHLAND..????
Am Ersten Tag
On the first day when we arrived at Munich Airport,we met Mr Poeschl and together we went in a bus to Straubing  to meet our partners.After that after one and a half hour we got down from the bus?? and were awestruck on seeing such welcoming and nice hosts..??
All students had huge posters and placards displaying our names and messages for us.That was great!!!Then I met my amazing partner Stephan and his family..??They were really welcoming and the good was yet to come !!!!?
From there we went to his Grandma’s house and met her..We took a vintage car that was nearly 50 yrs old ! and then we went in that car to our House in Haibach.There I ate Pretzel(Staple food of Germany) and as I was very tired I went to Bed….??????
Am Zweiten Tag
The second day was an interesting one!!We got up at seven and ate breakfast – Cake ..??After that we went to a Church and prayed for our well being and a great German exchange experience…??
Then we I went to see the football match at Allianz Arena⚽⚽  btw. Bochum City V/s. Bayern Münich 1860⚽⚽ ….The heated match had a lot of fans who were chearing for their teams and we saw a great match which was followed by Bochum City as emerging victorious after a great game…..I enjoyed it!!,???
Then we came back home to get ready for the the BIG DAY tomorrow ∼ The School Day??????? …

Before the exchange – Bhavya’s first impressions

In the column “before the exchange” the German and Indian students explain why they participate in the exchange project. They write about their first preparations and their first contact with their partner.

Today Bhavya, a student of Lotus Valley International School, tells us how he was chosen for the exchange project, what he is looking forward to and why he is participating in our students exchange.

Speeking the German language quite fluently, he wrote his full statement in German:

Der deutsche Austausch ist eines der interessantesten Ereignisse, die in unserer Schule und allen anderen PASCH-Schulen stattfindet. Ich wollte immer daran teilnehmen, als ich mit der deutschen Sprache in der 6. Stufe begann.

Als ich am Ende der Klasse 9 vor den Abschlussprüfungen war, wurde unsere Klasse dem Konzept der deutschen Börse vorgestellt. Alle Schüler, die an der Börse teilnehmen wollten, mussten den jeweiligen deutschen Lehrern ihre Namen geben. Ich habe auch gern meinen Namen gegeben, aber ich wusste nicht, dass die Gelegenheit so schnell meine Tür schlagen würde!!! In der nächsten Zeit kam nun Radhika Maam zu unserer Klasse und rief mich und zwei meiner anderen Freunde. Sie brachte uns in eine andere leere Klasse und sagte uns, dass wir auf der Grundlage unserer deutschen Fähigkeiten, Verhaltensweisen und anderen wichtigen Aspekten für die Deutsche Börse ausgewählt wurden. Ich konnte mein Glück nicht glauben.

Alle drei von uns waren ihr dafür dankbar.

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