Too often the message of a photo is dependend on the angle it was taken from. Shot from the wrong perspective and out of context it soon becomes Fake News. The German and Indian exchange students created the movie “Influencer” to point out this problem and to depict the strong influence of pictures upon Teenagers.

Influencer is a Story about a broken relationship. Unfortunately one partner is quite unhappy with the break-up. In an (un)fortunate situation he takes a photo of his ex-girlfriend. Due to the chosen perspective of the photographer the image doesn’t represent the whole truth. Nevertheless, he shares it on social media.

The movie “Influencer” somehow became the major product of our exchange project. It depicts the power of media unveils how our own opinion is shaped by it. In addition, Influencer proofs how easy it is to create your own media content.

The whole storyline was developed with the support of Bavaria Filmstudios. There, the one day long shooting took place, too.

The Indo-German movie project “Influencer”.
Sharing this video without consent of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium and the Bavria-Filmstudios is strictly forbidden.

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