KJF publishes an article about the exchange project

During their stay in Straubing the Indian students visited the “KJF Werkstaetten”. This company employees many handicapped people for high quality work. Car manufactures, or engineering enterprises outsource many jobs to KJF not only because they are morally obliged but because of the highly professionally work that is done there. 

The Indian students were really astonished to see the handicapped man and woman working at computer assisted machines, putting together parts for AC systems or digitizing documents. 

“KJF Werkstaetten” has now published a small article (in German language but with a nice picture) on their homepage, mentioning the visit of the Indian students and describing our exchange project.

The visit to KJF is not the first time that our exchange students wcooperate with handicapped people. Last year we also had a Basketball match with the students of St. Wolfgang, a school for mentally handicapped.

New article about our exchange has been published

Die inklusive interkulturelle Basketballmannschaft
Screenshot of the homepage article.

On day four of our exchange all the Indian and German students played Basketball with students of St. Wolfgang school (school for students with special needs). This school has now published an article (only in German) on its website describing this match .

In the article they mention all the school names, the teachers and thank all participates for the great afternoon at Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium.

Day 3 – Religious education at its finest

Ganesha - Der Beseitiger der Hindernisse
Ganesha – One of the most known Indian Gods. Even the Germany know his name.

This year’s topic is “Different countries – different sports”. But there are much more differences between Germany and India. The German students of class seven asked sponaniously one of the teachers of Lotus Valley International School to teach them about the gods and godesses of Hinduism. Mrs Radhika Babbar was happy to explain the children the concept of that religion and the delighted students of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium immedately wrote an article about that interesting lesson.

You can read that short article (unfortunately only in German) on the Homepage of the German partner school.