Namaste! Our first word in Hindi!

Like every Thursday we sit in the computer lab of the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium and try to get ready for the arrival of our Indian guests and to prepare for our stay in India.

Like always we discuss cultural differences, talk about German and Indian habits and we try to learn the most important parts of Indian culture and cuisine.

During the last weeks we have even started to learn a little bit of Hindi.

We know, that all the participating students and teachers can speak English and that they are fit in the German language. But for most of them their mother tongue is Hindi and is good manners at least to try some sentences in this language.
Of all the hindi language videos we liked the following one most:

At this point, we can greet somebody in Hindi, can introduce ourselves and can count to ten (more or less). Are there more sentences, which we should learn? What are the most important and respectful phrases?