Looking back – Our visit in Germany

What did you do in Germany? Was your trip all just about sightseeing and food? I think, students and teachers of LVIS likewise are annoyed to answer such questions. 

Of course there was more! There was family live, our famous project work about small and middle sized companies and yes, there also was some sightseeing included. The following video, shown during the 2018 welcome Assembly and the 2018 Potluck Lunch with the parents gives you a small glimpse of our adventures.

Due to copyright issues the video is without sound. Just sing along any happy tune you know 😉

How to wear a Dhoti

For my English language class I had to make a video and to send it to my teacher at university. He told me to teach him something new in a short 5 minute long video to check my pronunciation. After a while I decided to make a short video about the Indian dress code and about the traditional kurta. To make it a little bit more interesting I also added a part which shows how to fold and wear a traditional dhoti.

Of course, wearing a traditional Indian dress can be seen as cultural appropriation. But sometimes during a wedding ceremony, at Diwali or just on stage it is perfectly suitable to wear a traditional dress. 

If you want to tell me about your experience in folding a dhoti or your difficulties with the Indian dress code, please drop a comment or just send me a video to publish.


A message to Erla

In only about one week the Indian students will be able to explore Germany. But they don’t have to do that alone. Their German partners and host parents will take care of them and will make their trip as pleasant as possible. 

Aditi’s mother is completely aware of that fact and she is happy to know that her daughter will have a friend in Germany. That’s why she sent the following message to Erla, the German partner.

Aditi's mother has a special message for her daughter's partner, Erla.