Flavours of Nostalgia

Korbinian and his Indian lassi
Korbinian enjoying his new favourite drink.

We all had a real good Indian dinner just two days before we were to depart. It was held at Ganesha restaurant in Straubing.

Everyone including our partners and their families had a shirt glimpse of the Indian cuisine that they would get when they come to India.

Making Indian lassi
Making lassi.

My partner, Korbinian fell in love with the sweet milk drink we call lassi made of yogurt and water. I can’t be sure about how many glasses he had but it was probably close to 4 or 5 because he loved it so much ( the next day he made me make 3 large jugs worth of lassi ? ).

The food tasted the same as it does when my mum makes it and that made me miss home. Eating that food really filled me up and after I couldn’t eat anything else.

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