Day 15 – Rope Skipping is faster than the eye

At the last day of our stay in India we examined our schedule a little closer. In between the announcements of the Farewell Dinner and the Farewell Assembly we found the word “rope skipping”.
Hmm. That shouldn’t be too difficult. And we were looking forward to showing what our exchange participants can do with a rope. But what we got to see was much more than we expected.
The show

When we entered the assembly hall 6 athletes of the Indian Rope Skipping Federation were already waiting there. They placed their skipping ropes in a certain pattern at the floor. All of the ropes were in different colours, at different lengths and were weighted with small plastic pieces.  Only because of these pieces we were able to see the fast motions later. 

Mandatory speeches were hold and after some time the breath taking show finally started:

The after party

During lunch the athletes told us about their sport life: Daily training sessions, weekends filled with tournaments and always new ideas to  try and new moves to learn. There is also some rumor that the German teachers tried some of the tricks. But unfortunately there are no pictures or videos available to proof such a session 😉

Day 4 – Sports in the pretty brick building

So, yesterday was our fourth day in germany!! We were having loads of fun. As usual I woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning for school. We took two buses to reach the school.

The school for some reason really fascinated me as when we reached the school everyone seemed to be very happy and were enjoying. Later on, we had to practice for our performance at night. Practicing so many times was obviously quite tiring and a bit boring.

Ahh!! Finally after the practice was over we had to go to the ‘Turnhalle’ to learn Judo with Herr Pöschl!! As soon as I entered the Turnhalle I could imagine the crowd around me shouting my name and cheering out loud. However, I came to my senses later and then all I could see around me were walls…. We set up the mats and while doing that all I could think about was the movie, ‘Karate Kid’. It was almost the same. We then started learning judo which was quite fun. At one time when Herr Pöschel asked me to demonstrate, I felt as if I was little innocent person and he was a strong man who could injure anyone. However, he was very kind and fun from the beginning. He made it more fun to learn Judo.

After Judo, we had a basketball match. That was quite interesting, fun but tiring too. The atmosphere in the Turnhalle was great while playing a fair game of basketball with the Germans!!

So overall this day in school was wonderful. I liked comparing the experiences in school with different things such as movies. It made my day even better!!!

Rohan Batra