My life in Germany – Smahi remembers

My room in Germany

I was really happy when I saw my room, it’s so green, so I feel fresh. It’s in the basement so it’s very cold. It’s small and comfortable. I feel really comfortable and good. The family has also arranged cupboards for me, so I have arranged all my clothes in it. Every day Hannah’s mother arranges chocolates near my bed because she knows I love them.

Introducing my German host family

The Bullings are a really welcoming and nice host.

Bavarian pretzels
Bavarian pretzels – not only perfect for breakfast

The very first day they arranged Indian food for me which they made at home. It felt like home. Mother is really nice and sweet to me, and takes care of me like my own mom. Father is a really good cook. Hannah’s brother is really sweet and helpful. The family enjoys playing evening games which is really rare in India. They try to make me comfortable. I am really happy to be a part of the family now and I’m lucky to have a sweet and kind partner like Hannah. She is really nice and we’re similar in many ways. Hannah always has a smiling face and tries to help me out. I’m looking forward to see her soon in India and try to take care of her in the best way possible.

My breakfast

for breakfast I drink orange juice and eat a toast. Sometimes mother makes hot chocolate for me. It’s delicious. I also eat fruits, donuts and pretzels. I really like the Bavarian pretzels, they are so delicious!!

Day 8 and 9 – A great weekend full of activities

I am Aditi Chotra.
This weekend was the best weekend I’ve ever had.

It was sooooo great.🙈 On saturday we started our day with a great boom, the medieval reenactment. Wow! It just wooed my mind, and also gave me Some Indian Vibes.👅like the smell of yummy food which was sold there. But the best was the way Mr Poschl described us the clothes of the medieval times. It was simply great, and the story was worth listening too! He told us how teenagers of that time revolted for clothes(just like we now😂) but it was great. He is such a great person!😂 We saw the medieval times dance (looked pretty easy😂) but no! It was great!!! I just loved the songs and dances. It was like an Indian village fair.

Then we ate crepes and started for the mountains for climbing activities, as soon as we reached there, the weather did not had luck with us. It was sad that we couldn’t go up, but there was another new experience waiting for me…. I saw for the first time in my life. I could literally see the clouds shifting towards us with great rain!😍

It happens in India too but I never got a chance to see that. Yes, we got a bit drenched, but I could literally see and feel the clouds shifting towards us.🙈

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Day 2 – I got our Indian homely feeling

Hello. I am aditi. It was a great day today.

First I went to the church in the morning with the fritch family, and then ate breakfast and talked about futureplans. And finally the time had come to meet erla.🙈

So cuteeee
“Shes soo cuteee” – Erla in an Indian dress.

I was really excited. Her first gesture of hug made me give OUR INDIAN HOMELY FEELING.🙈 Which was great and I felt safe and welcomed.🙈 We came to home, her mother and brother were sooooo sweet and fun to be with. I loved the activeness of each.🙈

Then i gifted erla indian things, mom had sent for her, and she was soooo happy with them.🙈 We went out with aryan and nico, and chilled out together. It was a great day.🙈 And we’re finally on our beds now.🙈
-Aditi Chotra

Day 14 – Time to say goodbye

Friday, 10 November 2017,

Today is the last day of the exchange. I don’t know how time flew so fast. It feels like they came to india yesterday and now they are going😭😭. I have learned a lot from this exchange. How to adjust, sacrifice etc. the best thing about the exchange is that the bonds we make stays with us our life. If we ever visit Germany I surely know that we all have a second home and memories there. I will miss them sooooo much. And for sure during there farewell we all will be sad and emotional and would be expressing our love for them. Today is one of the toughest day of my lifeee🇩🇪😭❤️. I hope they all have a good and safe flight. bis später😭❤

 Written by Khushaal Kumar

Day 10 – A day full of wonders

WOW – A Place to have fun

On Sunday we all visited the amusement park – WOW -World OF Wonder!!
It was an amazing place!!All of us enjoyed the topsy turvy rides ..
The most amazing ride was BIG BEAT which left us all shell shocked !!.. 

After that some of us had dinner at TGIFridays ..
The entire outing was super cool and adventurous….

Article written by Bhavya Saxena

Day 3 – Different point of view


Our day three in Germany started in a quite interesting way when we visited Johannes-Turmair for the first time, it was a rather new experience, seeing how the school works. Since my partner is sick Paula was generous enough to take me in and I´m grateful to her for this. We had a lot of fun with her and a great time when we visited the city. The view from the water tower was AMAZING and the churches are the most mesmorising and peaceful places I´ve seen!


My day three went really well. We visited the Johannes-Turmair for the first time and were welcomed by the principal. We attended some classes. Then we went to water tower, which had a great view. Then we just explored the city and visited few churches. In evening we went to city center and had dinner there. At night Muskan and Sophie come to have a night stay.


Heute sind wir zu dritt (Shagun, Gurnoor und ich) mit dem Bus zur Schule, was wahrscheinlich für die Erstklässler an meiner Haltestelle mehr aufregend war, als für die Inder selbst. Nach der ersten Stunde durften sie mit uns in den Unterricht. Zuerst hatten wir Musik, und ich glaube, die Musik zum Zauberlehrling werden sie nicht mehr so schnell vergessen, weil wir sie in Endlosschleife anhörten 🙂

Auch kamen sie in den Genuss einer Mathe- und einer Deutschstunde. Nach der Schule sind wir mit Sophie und Muskan in die Stadt und erst einmal zu
Rewe, um Erdbeeren zu kaufen.

Indians in a German car
Indians love the German cars 😉

Zu Abend haben Shagun, Gurnoor und Muskan dann zusammen mit ein paar Freunden beim Burgerwirt gegessen, während Sophie und ich eine kleine Pause machten. Zu Hause angekommen gings gleich weiter mit einer Runde Badminton im Garten. Und dann sind auch schon wieder Muskan und Sophie gekommen, um bei mir zu übernachten. Ich denke es wird eine lange, aber auch schöne Nacht werden.