Back in Good Cold Germany

It’s over, isn`t it? After a fantastic year full of joy, excitement, anticipation and loads of planning the German students finished their trip to India last week and arrived safely in Straubing, Germany.

Since last November both teachers in charge of the Indo German exchange stayed in permanent contact and designed the exchange project “From Mittelstand to Global Players”. They organised parent-teacher meetings as well as they continuously gathered the participating students. And finally, after several months of training and preparation the Indian delegation arrived in Bavaria and stayed there for two wonderful and enjoyable weeks.

Unfortunately, in the first weeks of June the Indian group departed and it began a seemingly endless period of waiting. But at last, at October 26th ten students of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium boarded an airplane to New Delhi and were happily welcomed by their friends and host families. What followed were again two weeks of hard project work, joyful evenings with the families and the astonishing opportunity to be part of the Indian Diwali preparations.

During these two weeks the German children got the chance to get a glimpse of the Indian culture, to explore a foreign country and to be part of an Indian family. This experience was only possible due to the tremendous work and patience of the host parents and the Indian teacher in charge. Thank you, to all of you!   Continue reading “Back in Good Cold Germany”

German-Indian exchange is explicitly mentioned in latest review of Robert Bosch Fundation

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Robert Bosch Fundation supported many of our exchange projects.

The Robert-Bosch-Fundation is a big supporter of our exchange project. Their “German-Indian Classroom” project was actually the initiator of the long lasting partnership of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium and Lotus Valley International School. In a newly published review the Fundation looks back on many years of successful project work.

The publication not only summarises the many exchanges the Fundation supported but also makes available many hints and tricks for schools which consider whether to start a new intercultural partnership.

Of course the excellent exchange projects of our schools are explicitly mentioned in that review which can be downloaded at the homepage of Robert Bosch.

Our German-Indian exchange project is mentioned in the publication 

  • on page 30 the former principal of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium gives an interview in which among others he explains how a project orientated exchange can be integrated into school life.
  • on page 65 Wolfgang Pöschl the project coordinator of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium summarises in a small article called “After the project is before the project”  how one of our project topics about Krishna and Jesus Christ was developed.
  • on page 98 our intercultural dance is mentioned. The renowned Kathak dancer Hemant Kumar Kalita choreographed a German-Indian dance “beyond borders” which was televised nation-wide.
  • on page 101 the student of LVIS Nikhila Kalia informs us about her plans for the future. She wants to study in Munich, Germany. We whish her all the best.

But we recommend not only to read these few pages of the over 100 pages long brochure. Everybody who is in charge of or wants to establish an international exchange should browse through that publication.