Day 3 – Different point of view


Our day three in Germany started in a quite interesting way when we visited Johannes-Turmair for the first time, it was a rather new experience, seeing how the school works. Since my partner is sick Paula was generous enough to take me in and I´m grateful to her for this. We had a lot of fun with her and a great time when we visited the city. The view from the water tower was AMAZING and the churches are the most mesmorising and peaceful places I´ve seen!


My day three went really well. We visited the Johannes-Turmair for the first time and were welcomed by the principal. We attended some classes. Then we went to water tower, which had a great view. Then we just explored the city and visited few churches. In evening we went to city center and had dinner there. At night Muskan and Sophie come to have a night stay.


Heute sind wir zu dritt (Shagun, Gurnoor und ich) mit dem Bus zur Schule, was wahrscheinlich für die Erstklässler an meiner Haltestelle mehr aufregend war, als für die Inder selbst. Nach der ersten Stunde durften sie mit uns in den Unterricht. Zuerst hatten wir Musik, und ich glaube, die Musik zum Zauberlehrling werden sie nicht mehr so schnell vergessen, weil wir sie in Endlosschleife anhörten 🙂

Auch kamen sie in den Genuss einer Mathe- und einer Deutschstunde. Nach der Schule sind wir mit Sophie und Muskan in die Stadt und erst einmal zu
Rewe, um Erdbeeren zu kaufen.

Indians in a German car
Indians love the German cars 😉

Zu Abend haben Shagun, Gurnoor und Muskan dann zusammen mit ein paar Freunden beim Burgerwirt gegessen, während Sophie und ich eine kleine Pause machten. Zu Hause angekommen gings gleich weiter mit einer Runde Badminton im Garten. Und dann sind auch schon wieder Muskan und Sophie gekommen, um bei mir zu übernachten. Ich denke es wird eine lange, aber auch schöne Nacht werden.


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  1. Germany has very beautiful architecture. The churches are so beautiful and so peaceful. You completely forget the outside world. You get so much of inner peace. Glad the children are seeing some spiritual side as well.

  2. Hi, Myself Neelam Rao, Saatvik’s mom. This is Saatvik’s 1st visit with friend and I was feeling little nervous which every mom understands very well. I recalled the 13th late evening when all students were sitting in bus to depart for airport, I was waiving hand with smile on face but nervous from inside and all students were mostly busy in enjoying themselves. When I got the photo & message from Saatvik on 14th for lovely welcome then my nervousness is eased out and for a moment I felt like I am there with the group. I felt very comfortable when Saatvik called me to brief about his staying with his friend Jonas & the caring nature of Jonas’s parents and now I feel he is so much comfortable that he calls me less but I am the mom who waits for his call every moment. I am sure that this trip will add more values to all students in their life and make them more independent, develop more confidence & learn the culture of Germany. I wish my all the best to Saatvik & all his friends (Indian & German both) and great thanks to teachers & parents for such a wonderful program.

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