Day 3 – Religious education at its finest

Ganesha - Der Beseitiger der Hindernisse
Ganesha – One of the most known Indian Gods. Even the Germany know his name.

This year’s topic is “Different countries – different sports”. But there are much more differences between Germany and India. The German students of class seven asked sponaniously one of the teachers of Lotus Valley International School to teach them about the gods and godesses of Hinduism. Mrs Radhika Babbar was happy to explain the children the concept of that religion and the delighted students of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium immedately wrote an article about that interesting lesson.

You can read that short article (unfortunately only in German) on the Homepage of the German partner school. 


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  1. I think that it is great that teachers from india and germany (i think) are making the students learn their languages that they have excelled in. Through this students can learn so many things that they have never heard of or known.Not only this but also that teachers are trying to tell about indian gods like ganesha, krishna , saraswati etc. Now children who have learnt about the indian gods and other things like its food,fruits can also tell their families about all this through which people from germany can know how beautiful the indian culture is. i really wish that teachers from germany and from india can share all the foods that they normally have so that students can know.

    1. Thats why an exchange is always better than a tourist trip. If you visit another country as an tourist the present you an artificial world. You often don’t get the real food, you life in hotels and you would never be able to attend a puja. Taking part in an exchange is so diffent. As you mentioned you relly get to know about the beauty of the culture. But I am curious. I got to know the Indian food. But are there typical Indian fruits? Please tell me!

  2. I hope that Lord Ganesha heard your requests and blessed everyone with enjoyment and loads of fun throughout the German exchange. I wish that Lord Ganesha fulfills my request also and take me to Germany also someday so that even I can have fun in Germany like you all did!

    1. Lord Ganesha is kind. Sometimes he puts some opsticles in your way but only to teach you how to solve problems. I am sure, he will listen to your requests. Now it is up to you to show him, that you are well prepared for that task. I hope to see you somewhen in Germany. Looking forward to that moment 😉

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