New project – different countries – different sports!

In India cricket is not a popular sport – it is a religion. But in Germany nearly nobody knows that sport. They like to play football or field hockey.

So, which games are played in each country? How are sport events organized? In this year project students should explore the culture of sport of each country. Of course there will be chances to take part in some events, too!

At the moment planning is going on. What to watch? What should we skip? Are there some rural sports, that are unique for the area? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section!

Intense India

In November 2016 nine studentes of the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium arrived at Munich Airport. For two weeks they had been guests at Lotus Valley International School in Noida. Asking if they can describe India in a single word they answerd “intense”.

Everything was intense: the colours, the hospitality, the traffic! You just can’t experience India on a minimum basis. Like our exchange studentes, you have to undergo the full adventure.

That is how “Intenseves Indien”, German for “Intense India”, was chosen as title of the article of the German school homepage.

Here are the first sentences of this article:

Versucht man Indien mit einem Wort zu beschreiben, so fällt einem die Wahl schwer. „Farbenfroh, laut und gastfreundlich“ sind geeignete Kandidaten; sie beschreiben jedoch jeweils nur einen Teilaspekt und werden der Gesamtheit des Landes bei weitem nicht gerecht. Will man Indien tatsächlich auf einen einzelnen Begriff reduzieren, so kann dies nur das Wort „intensiv“ sein. Denn in Indien ist alles intensiv. Das Land gibt sich in keinem Bereich nur mit halben Sachen zufrieden.

[…] you can read the full article (including some pictures) at the homepage of the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium, Straubing