Namaste! Our first word in Hindi!

Like every Thursday we sit in the computer lab of the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium and try to get ready for the arrival of our Indian guests and to prepare for our stay in India.

Like always we discuss cultural differences, talk about German and Indian habits and we try to learn the most important parts of Indian culture and cuisine.

During the last weeks we have even started to learn a little bit of Hindi.

We know, that all the participating students and teachers can speak English and that they are fit in the German language. But for most of them their mother tongue is Hindi and is good manners at least to try some sentences in this language.
Of all the hindi language videos we liked the following one most:

At this point, we can greet somebody in Hindi, can introduce ourselves and can count to ten (more or less). Are there more sentences, which we should learn? What are the most important and respectful phrases?

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  1. I would also try to apply for the exchange program. I would be nice to communicate with other people in their language and practice their culture.

    1. We will be in India in November. You have a chance to try the German language with native speakers then. Looking forward to talking with you 😉

  2. Namaste!:) HINDI-It is a very important language. In India many people speak Hindi but still English is very high populated and spoken by many people. It is very important for other countries to speak or just know how beautiful Hindi language is . Teachers are doing a very great work by teaching German students Hindi.

    1. If you really want to understand someones culture you have to learn the language of the country. Unfortunately I only speak some words in Hindi. What do you think. What are the most useful phrases someone should know in your language?

  3. Hi
    Am from class 7 and this exchange programme was really insipiring and fun for us too. We also spoke to the German students ( but our German wasn’t that great ). It was a really fun programme for us too as enjoying with people from different countries and cultures has always been a fun activity for us.

    1. I can assure you. It is very exciting for us too. Your culture is somehow very different to our culture and exploring this “new world” is just fascinating.

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