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  1. Hi
    I am Rohan Batra s mother Babita Batra . Like every parent we too had our own apprehension in sending Rohan to Germany but his first call from Germany was so full of excitement that one could sense the warm welcome he received from all the german students.The family has really made him comfortable in their house . The fact that he says he has reached home at the end of day shows that he is feeling being part of the family. He was excited and at peace to visit the church on Sunday . I am glad that at this age he has got an opportunity to learn new culture , food , education system and above all most important is getting to learn new value systems. We are extremely thankful to the teachers from lotus valley for keeping us updated by the minute by sending photos . Each and every child is being looked after so well . Happy faces of these students are reflection of how well these students are being kept occupied . …. thank you!!!! . Different sports activities which have been planned by the school are sure going to make these students fitter and help them build a great team. We would also like to thank Valentin ‘s family for making Rohan so comfortable !!!! Thank you so much !!!!

  2. Hi,
    I am Arnav Agarwal from class 8 shalimar. As im a german student i will be glad to visit germany. as i have read the comments of some student im very excited to visit germany.

  3. Hi,
    It looks everyone had a great experience during the journey .I think through this exchange children had learn new culture , value system , food culture and etc .Hope that ahead years are have same experience.

  4. Hi
    Am from class 7 and by hearing all the wonderful feedbacks by the German students I am really looking forward to participate in this exchange programme(if I am lucky). All the feedbacks are really inspiring and are motivating young minds like ours!

    1. Tell me more about the feedbacks. What was the most inspiring statement you heard? I am looking forward to getting yur answer.

      1. I am shragvi form class 7 and I am excited for the exchange as well I hv heard the motivating and inspiring from my German friends as and the most inspiring is that u are able to learn more and more about German cultures that we hv never been exposed to and it’s total FUN

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