Day 2 – I got our Indian homely feeling

Hello. I am aditi. It was a great day today.

First I went to the church in the morning with the fritch family, and then ate breakfast and talked about futureplans. And finally the time had come to meet erla.?

So cuteeee
“Shes soo cuteee” – Erla in an Indian dress.

I was really excited. Her first gesture of hug made me give OUR INDIAN HOMELY FEELING.? Which was great and I felt safe and welcomed.? We came to home, her mother and brother were sooooo sweet and fun to be with. I loved the activeness of each.?

Then i gifted erla indian things, mom had sent for her, and she was soooo happy with them.? We went out with aryan and nico, and chilled out together. It was a great day.? And we’re finally on our beds now.?
-Aditi Chotra

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