A Home Away From Home

I am Samanvi J. and am hosted by the Stoffels. I am currently in Straubing, Germany I never expected the German exchange to be such an amazing experience.

All over Europe, the beauty of the nature and the culture is maintained. Development goes hand in hand with the maintainance of culture and tradition. I was a little apprehensive about living with complete strangers for two whole weeks but to my surprise, the Stoffels were very kind and treated me as their own family member. 

My partner’s parents treat me as their own daughter and give me love and take care of me . On the other hand, Johannes Turmair Gymnasium is fantastic. The school has a beautiful campus and provides students with knowledge and exposure. After tasting Bavarian food and witnessing their dance, language and many more things , I feel that the exquisite Bavarian culture has become part of me.
Samanvi J.

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