Day 2 – Match Day

We had gone to watch a football match on Sunday. We went as a whole group- Germans and Indians together. We went to the Allianz Arena. Man it was huge stadium. It can fit so many people in it, around 70,000 or so!

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric. The people of Germany live and breathe football. The fans kept on shouting and chanting and jumping up and down, they never even got tired. Due to the football half of us couldn’t even concentrate on the match. We just kept on looking at them.

After the match got over it started to rain. The home team had lost and everyone was gloomy. The rain seemed fitting. We went to the stadium and came back in a bus. The german village and fields are so amazing and beautiful! I wish I could live here.


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  1. This day was really great for all of us. It was a wonderful experience to watch all the football fans chant and support their team. It was quite scary to walk around wearing a red t shirt or a red scarf as the opponent team’s jersey was red and if the home fans saw us with red they would probably get angry. However overall it was a wonderful experience and it was incredible watching the fans so interested in a game of football….

    1. You should watch their next game: TSV 1860 vs Jahn Regensburg. Both are local clubs, both have very active fans and for both teams it is a chance to stay/get into the second league. Btw. Jahn Regensburg also uses red colours.

  2. Hi! I am Subhav of lotus valley international school and we are having this activity for class 8 that we have to comment on one of the blogs.So i commented on this blog because i am a huge football fan and Dortmund.I think you enjoyed and by the look of these pictures all of you were a fan of football.Actually i was i Allianz arena to see a match of bayern Munich.I was fascinated that so many people are interested in the game of football.

    1. You have been to Germany? Congratulation. But you shouldn’t be suprised to see so many fans. Isn’t it the same with Indan crucket fans?

  3. it would have been a great experience for me as well,cause i dream to see a match in the allianz arena.hope u all enjoyed a lot!!!

  4. I think that the children enjoyed the day.
    I don’t think that the children of our school would be gloomy as much as the people were there when the home team lost.

    1. It was really hard for the home team. Because of the loss and resulting money issues they didn’t get a licence for the third league and had to fall back even more. But we keep the fingers crossed that they will return soon.

  5. Watching a football match in a stadium would be amazing with all the fans screaming and cheering for their teams. I wish i could go to germany.

    1. Don’t wish! Study hard and then take part in the exchange program or visit Germany as a tourist. Perhaps you can visit a football match then. (If not, there is plenty of other stuff to do 😉 ).

  6. The article was very interesting and i enjoyed reading it. I like playing football and Bayern Munich is indeed one of my favorite clubs. Lewandowski is my favorite player from Bayern Munich. I hope i get selected for the German exchange because i really like their culture and want to see their matches and i hope i meet one of their team’s players. It would be awesome to see a live match of my favorite sport Football

    1. Football is no sport in Germany. For some people it is like a religion. I am suprised that you know the German players so well. How do you get to know them? By playing FIFA, watching Games? Tell me!

  7. some of the children from our school went to GERMANY AND they enjoyed a lot over there. They shared their experiences with us. The thing that they liked the most was the football match. The match was pretty good. overall it was a great experience watching the match and also the fans so interested in the game.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The footballmatch was the best? I liked it, too! The atmosphere was just great. But nothing compared to your cricket matches. Have you ever visited a cricket match in India?

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