Day 1 – Butterflies in our stomach

Me and my new friends going for a walk.

Hello, I am Aditi. Discovery consists of not seeking new lands, but new eyes.? I was so excited to come here and finally the time has come.? After the comfortable flight, it was great to meet wolfgang sir. He is very sweet.?

And gradually when the time came close to meet our home families, we became very very nervous. We were sooo confident till the time we landed, and suddenly so many butterflies came in our stomach.? We met our families. The fritch family is really great.? Treated us so well.

Georg's sister
Me and Georg’s sister.

And we interacted together laughed together.? Georg, Georg’s sister, utkarsh and I went for a walk and spent quality time together. It was pretty nice. We also went to this ceremony festival. The day went good, and finally dozing of to beds with happy faces.?

-Aditi Chotra

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