Looking back – Our visit in Germany

What did you do in Germany? Was your trip all just about sightseeing and food? I think, students and teachers of LVIS likewise are annoyed to answer such questions. 

Of course there was more! There was family live, our famous project work about small and middle sized companies and yes, there also was some sightseeing included. The following video, shown during the 2018 welcome Assembly and the 2018 Potluck Lunch with the parents gives you a small glimpse of our adventures.

Due to copyright issues the video is without sound. Just sing along any happy tune you know 😉

My Amazing Guest From Germany

Ameya and Wolfgang
The author of this article and his German guest.

In the summer of 2018, my mother had gone to Germany. This trip wasn’t a private trip but organised by the school. Of course! You must be wondering which school sends teachers away for a gala time. No school does that. As she was the in charge of the “Indo German exchange 2018” she was on duty with a group of ten students to Germany. She stayed there with a lovely and fun family. after 3 months, it was our turn to host the German in charge, Mr Wolfgang Poeschl.

Mr. Wolfgang Poeschl arrived with his student on the 27th of October in India. He was coming from Straubing a peaceful town in the South East Germany. My mother had told me that he was a great man.

At first, I thought that he would take time to adjust with the spicy Indian food, but when we ate lunch, I saw that he ate a whole big red chilli in one bite! I was really astonished. I found that Mr Wolfgang already was well aware of Indian environment, food and culture. I even noticed that he was not a person who just ate one kind of food but adapted with Indian food really quick. My mom was always so tensed that what would he eat but he always praised her food and never made a fuss.  Mr Wolfgang was always ready to try something new, something Indian. This made my mom’s job even easier.

He is a really jovial, knowledgeable person and of course I grew fond of him. Even my grandmother liked him a lot. It was always a fun to be with him.

Mr Wolfgang taught me Chemistry, how to play cards, make pancakes, emperor’s dish and even how to bargain!

Time flew past like anything and my whole family enjoyed every moment with him, especially all dinners and going to CP via Metro. This Diwali was a special one for us as we celebrated it with Mr Poeschl.

The most fascinating thing about Mr Poeschl was that he knew about the Hindu Mythology much more than us. He loved our crowded places. Photography is his passion and his keen observation could be seen in amusing pictures clicked by him.

I hope he enjoyed his stay with us as much as we did. I would like to host him again whenever he comes to India.

Written by AMEYA B.

Back in Good Cold Germany

It’s over, isn`t it? After a fantastic year full of joy, excitement, anticipation and loads of planning the German students finished their trip to India last week and arrived safely in Straubing, Germany.

Since last November both teachers in charge of the Indo German exchange stayed in permanent contact and designed the exchange project “From Mittelstand to Global Players”. They organised parent-teacher meetings as well as they continuously gathered the participating students. And finally, after several months of training and preparation the Indian delegation arrived in Bavaria and stayed there for two wonderful and enjoyable weeks.

Unfortunately, in the first weeks of June the Indian group departed and it began a seemingly endless period of waiting. But at last, at October 26th ten students of Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium boarded an airplane to New Delhi and were happily welcomed by their friends and host families. What followed were again two weeks of hard project work, joyful evenings with the families and the astonishing opportunity to be part of the Indian Diwali preparations.

During these two weeks the German children got the chance to get a glimpse of the Indian culture, to explore a foreign country and to be part of an Indian family. This experience was only possible due to the tremendous work and patience of the host parents and the Indian teacher in charge. Thank you, to all of you!   Continue reading “Back in Good Cold Germany”

Diwali on Whatsapp

As you all know, social media is a big thing in India. During the exchange projects with Germany various groups have been created in which the Indian students, parents and teachers are able to talk to each other and to organize the different trips.

During Diwali these groups were full with the usual greetings and wishes for a “Happy Diwali”, but in between one could also find pictures of families creating colourful rangoli or holding pujas. And if you really looked closely one got the glimpse of one or two Germans in traditional Indian dresses doing an aarti or kneeling in front of the gods. 

The following gallery is just a small, random selection of these pictures:

Day 10 – What is heaven?

What is heaven? It’s here, the walls starting with the Islamic quotes of welcoming, the pillars and the incredible gardens, all sum up the beautiful Taj Mahal as heaven. Love shows extremely, because its love which resulted to this beautiful place.

Three promises to Mumtaaz by Shahjahan, all fulfilled. If the past of india was sad, it had a beautiful part to itself too, and Taj mahal is the best example to what India’s True beauty is. Haminastu fertoz, the Islamic phrase, meaning Heaven is Here, and we saw what heaven might look like. Trip to Taj Mahal definitely makes us fall in love with India over and over again.