Project feedback from Robert Bosch Stiftung

Today our school administration got the feedback on our exchange project ‘God came down to earth – a comparison of Krishna and Christ in Sculpturing and Art’ from Robert Bosch Stiftung. Unfortunately the foundation has stopped the funding of German-Indian exchange projects in the meantime.

The project which explored the similarities and differences of Krishna and Christ was a successful motto in the year 2015 to dig deep into the culture of each country.

Logo Robert Bosch StiftungThe Robert Bosch Stiftung appreciates our project work in its letter and emphazises the intercultural training of our students. Without these intense preparations, including role plays, lectures and film clips, the exchange would have worked nevertheless, but the often hidden specific nature of the customs and habits of a country would have remained undiscovered.

Or do you know, why a lot of Indian women fast on Mondays, men won’t shave on Tuesdays or why you can find a cross in every Bavarian classroom?

Here you can read the final feedback report – God came down to earth yourself. It is in German language and all personal dates have been blacked out.