New article about our exchange has been published

Die inklusive interkulturelle Basketballmannschaft
Screenshot of the homepage article.

On day four of our exchange all the Indian and German students played Basketball with students of St. Wolfgang school (school for students with special needs). This school has now published an article (only in German) on its website describing this match .

In the article they mention all the school names, the teachers and thank all participates for the great afternoon at Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium.

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  1. The children of St. Wolfgang School enjoyed the match they played with children of our school and the children of other schools located there.They also published an article(in German) and in that they thanked all the teachers and participants for that great afternoon at Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium.

    1. These childrean are the best. They all have their handicap and thei know it. But guess what? They just enjoy live and thei don’t care about skin colour or race. They know how it is to be different. In sport all this superficial diffenrences don’t count any more. I loved that experience and I am looking forward to repeat such a match.

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