Day 2 – Miracles happen

Right in the morning, a miracle takes place – I woke up on my own (without even an alarm) at 8.30 am! I’m NOT a morning person and I can NOT wake up until somebody else makes the effort to do that; sometimes I don’t wake up even after that. So waking up as early as 8.30, BY MYSELF, is definitely an achievement. Thank you very much Germany! 😀

Aditi Gutgutia

Days 1 and 2 – Bhavya’s short summary

{<[The German Exchange}>]

The Exchange is a great opportunity for one to learn new things..It helps us to get to know about another country’s culture,tradition,people,language etc.I too got one such privileged experience to go to the German Exchange .
I was very excited and here is a bit about how I spent my first three days in DEUTSCHLAND..😎😎😎😎
Am Ersten Tag
On the first day when we arrived at Munich Airport,we met Mr Poeschl and together we went in a bus to Straubing  to meet our partners.After that after one and a half hour we got down from the bus🚌🚌 and were awestruck on seeing such welcoming and nice hosts..🤗🤗
All students had huge posters and placards displaying our names and messages for us.That was great!!!Then I met my amazing partner Stephan and his family..😁😎They were really welcoming and the good was yet to come !!!!😁
From there we went to his Grandma’s house and met her..We took a vintage car that was nearly 50 yrs old ! and then we went in that car to our House in Haibach.There I ate Pretzel(Staple food of Germany) and as I was very tired I went to Bed….🌜😴😴😴😴🌛
Am Zweiten Tag
The second day was an interesting one!!We got up at seven and ate breakfast – Cake ..🎂🎂After that we went to a Church and prayed for our well being and a great German exchange experience…😊😊
Then we I went to see the football match at Allianz Arena⚽⚽  btw. Bochum City V/s. Bayern Münich 1860⚽⚽ ….The heated match had a lot of fans who were chearing for their teams and we saw a great match which was followed by Bochum City as emerging victorious after a great game…..I enjoyed it!!,😎😁😎
Then we came back home to get ready for the the BIG DAY tomorrow ∼ The School Day😭😭📚📖📚📖📓 …

4am and we are heading towards the airport

It is 4:15 am, we are already awake for 1.5 hours and we fought our way out of the warm bedsheets to the cold parking lot of the school. To make it clear, we are none of these overexcited teachers, who want to be first at the copy machine! We are Bavarian exchange teachers, who collect a group of exchange students from the Munich airport!

Today is the day! After an 8 hour lasting direct flight our guests arrive at MUC airport. But it still takes some time till we can welcome them. After the arrival the Indians have to show their visa, passports and their invitation letter to Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium. After that they hopefully will be allowed to enter Europe. The procedure continues whith baggage collect, German customs, last visits of the restrooms and first calls of the Indian parents. Depending on the time and day of the week it can take some hours till a group of young travelers finally arrives at the airport’s lobby. That’s one of many reasons why only two German teachers are waiting to greet the guests from Noida. And who knows, how long they still have to wait?

After the luggage is stored at the coach the students enter the bus in silence (they are tired, too). From time to time you can hear some snippets of conversation, or you can get the idea of the beat of some bollywood musik leaking from some headphones.

But as we get closer to Straubing the students talk more and more. Even the participating teachers ask happily about the school, weather and family issues and …

The conversation stops abruptly as the bus enters the parking lot of the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium. Nobody is on their seats any more. Noses are pressed against the windows. The parents and the German students are standing at the corner. Some even wear the traditional Bavarian costumes and wave banners and flags. You hear the warm noise of welcome cheers!

Everybody is leaving the bus, hands are shaken, some try to make a formal bow, suitcases are carried over the place. After some time the parking lot is nearly empty. Only four tired but happy German and Indian teachers stay back, looking forward to get some big breakfast.

The exchange 2017 has started!

Some will travel – some have to stay

Our Indian student group is heading towards Germany. Of course, their plane didn’t take of yet. But you have to be at the airport hours in advance. Just imagine the time you need for all the farewells!

Maharishi G. - Pegasus
The young student Maharishi G. (Class vi Pegasus) is one of the students who would really like to come to Germany

But not everybody is leaving. Many students of LVIS would also like to travel to Germany. They  read so much about the country in their German language books. And they asked so many questions about the German food, the houses, the families. But there were only limited vacancies available or they are still to young for the exchcange.

But their time will come! And if they can’t take part in the exchange in the next years, they can pester the participating students with questions as soon as they arrive in India. And last but not least they can read the blog and comment to all the postings the students will make. 

We are looking forward to read all that comments! Greetings to all that had to stay at home!

May Lord Ganesha bless your journey

For our Indian friends the journey is going to begin. The suitcases are packed, all the relatives got their hugs and the best wishes of all family members accompany our students and their teacher.

This weekend 17 students and 2 teachers of Lotus Valley International School are bording on a direct Lufthansa flight from Delhi to Munich and will start a great adventure. They are traveling to Germany to take part in the German-Indian exchange project “Different countries – different sports“.  So I ask Lord Ganesha to bless this journey.

But why Ganesha? Only few Germans know about Hinduism and even fewer can distinguish the different gods and deities that occure in that religion.

Ganesha - Der Beseitiger der Hindernisse
Ganesha – गणेश – Vinayaka – Vigneshvara – only view of his many names.

However Ganesha is easy to identify being always represented with an elephant head and often in company with a mouse or rat. The serpent is a common attribut of Ganesha, too. The snake is wrapped around his neck or his big stomach. The stories about the “birth” of Ganesha is well known and there are lot of other myths about his life.

Among others Ganesha is considered to be the Lord of letters and learning and you can pray to the deva to get knowledge and wisdom.

But Lord Ganesha is also the Lord of obstacles. He places them and removes them from the path.

And to tell the truth – obstacles are the last thing our small group of students need on their trip to Germany. So let’s pray to Ganesh, that the journey shall happen without obstacles.

And if there is some extra knowledge for our students included, nobody won’t complain 😉