Day 15 – Rope Skipping is faster than the eye

At the last day of our stay in India we examined our schedule a little closer. In between the announcements of the Farewell Dinner and the Farewell Assembly we found the word “rope skipping”.
Hmm. That shouldn’t be too difficult. And we were looking forward to showing what our exchange participants can do with a rope. But what we got to see was much more than we expected.
The show

When we entered the assembly hall 6 athletes of the Indian Rope Skipping Federation were already waiting there. They placed their skipping ropes in a certain pattern at the floor. All of the ropes were in different colours, at different lengths and were weighted with small plastic pieces.  Only because of these pieces we were able to see the fast motions later. 

Mandatory speeches were hold and after some time the breath taking show finally started:

The after party

During lunch the athletes told us about their sport life: Daily training sessions, weekends filled with tournaments and always new ideas to  try and new moves to learn. There is also some rumor that the German teachers tried some of the tricks. But unfortunately there are no pictures or videos available to proof such a session 😉

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