Danube Dancing

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up and I could feel the cool weather at Passau”

We all travelled to Passau singing, dancing and enjoying to the fullest. My first train trip was full of adventure and enthusiasm not only me but my friends too. The best part I personally feel was the BOAT RIDE!❤??

I never had such an experience and had never seen the beautiful landscape of the river side of Germany. The cold water and the breezing winds hits my face slowly making me more and more active and enthusiastic . As we entered the cruise , we could see that we were floating on the water. Our Entry was special since we were hooting and singing in excitement.

But have you ever danced on a floating boat !? Well, Indians do! We had a short traditional German dance with our friends that was fun! we could order various dishes and try them and could feel luxurious just as we are sitting in a five star hotel?.

Meharjot Kaur

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