Fake News: Exchange students taken into custody

Straubing: Ten Indian students and their German partners were taken into custody during their annually student exchange.

At the late afternoon, the teenagers who stayed during the day at the Johannes-Turmair-Gymnasium, were on field trips with their host families, or went shopping at the city centre gathered in front of the police building at Theresienplatz, Straubing.

The alert police officers, one of them being a “host dad” himself, couldn’t act otherwise and had to take the interested looking students into custody. The officers also showed them the building of the police station and tried to explain the work of the Bavarian police.

During the extensive questioning of the teenagers it was also necessary to involve part of the K9 unit. Due to the high rate of interest, the unprecedented behaviour and the huge amount of fun the 20 students were sentenced to jail and were locked into one of the prison cells for a short moment. They all were released into freedom after everybody has taken their selfies.

Finally the German host parents picked up all the exchange students and took them “home”.

We want to thank Mr Buchs who made this field trip to the police station possible. Thank you for providing that unique insight in the work of the German police. 

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