Day 2 – Miracles happen

Right in the morning, a miracle takes place – I woke up on my own (without even an alarm) at 8.30 am! I’m NOT a morning person and I can NOT wake up until somebody else makes the effort to do that; sometimes I don’t wake up even after that. So waking up as early as 8.30, BY MYSELF, is definitely an achievement. Thank you very much Germany! 😀

Aditi Gutgutia

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  1. Forwarded comment (E-Mail) from 17-May-2017:

    Woderful blog…. Wonderful programme…. With Amazing teacher!!. I feel SO good and connected after reading thé blog , as my darling daughter is miles away. Let me share something….. Ashni never makes her bed or cleans room hère in India… but now doing all on her own in her host family’s house , also helping her partner’s parents in kitchen , and try learning many other things. I hope She Will be back with more maturity , more confidence and more knowledge. ? ? Thanks to thé host family and teachers.

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