Is there something like the perfect guestroom?

What does the perfect room for an exchange student it look like? Because we can’t offer a full appartment to my guest, I tried to create such a perfect room once again, yesterday.

Guestroom used by our Canadian guest
Guestroom used by our Canadian guest

Since yesterday we are hosting a Canadian teacher in our house (my wife is also in charce of some exchange projects). Unfortunatelly we only can offer our tiny  so called ‘book room’ which in addition is  crammed with all kind of odds and ends.

Although it is not very big, it can guarantee some kind of privacy to the guest. Prepared with some extra gadgets it can become home for the two week stay of our Canadian friend.


  1. bed – ok, it is only a day bed and once unfolded you can’t fold it up again easily.  Using most of the space of the room it has to be a multifunctional furniture on which you  sleep, sit, relax and work.
  2. wardrobe – Not all of it, but we could empty the mddle space. Nobody likes to live out of the luggage for two weeks.
  3. wifi password – we just activated our guest network of our router and the guest can talk with the home country, can read international news or just watch funny cat videos. Hey, it’s not the dark ages any more!
  4. multiple plug, because there are never enough power socket. Especially when you think of all the laptops, cell phones, speakers and other stuff without a young person can’t survife.
  5. an extra blanket and cusion. Most of the guests won’t dare to ask. So we put them in a visible spot in advance.
  6. some water and some chockolate to sugar the first night a little bit.
  7. towels – they can stay in the bathroom later, but it looks nice if the guest sees that everything is prepared.
  8. Mirror and hairdryer – it shortens the time in the bathroom 😉
  9. alarm clock – better be safe than sorry
  10. pen and paper for short notes
  11. some books to read
  12. as you can see on the picture, our guestroom comes with a sleeping cat on the couch. Our guest loves cats and our tomcat sensed that immediately and leaves the room very rarely.

And of course there will be a short introduction in the use of heating, shutters and our strange German windows. Most countries use different kind of windows and a lot of the guests have problems how to open them in different ways.

We hope that our guest will enjoy this little room. Did we forget anything? Please tell us in the comments!


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  1. the rooms seem comforting and cozy. with all the essentials, and thank god for the internet , funny cat videos are life XD. anyways am eager to visit Germany in the 9th and the 10th grade ( hope i am lucky enough).

    1. Thanks for rating the guestroom in my house as “comforting and cozy”. And you are right: Cat videos are the best. But haven’t you seen the real-life-cat on the bedsheet. In our guestroom you don’t to watch cat videos – you can produce them!

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